Enspire Publishing (EP) is an independent publisher with six imprints (and satellite websites) focused on different genres. We accept submissions from both experienced and new authors. for intelligent erotica of all genres,, for romance,, for speculative fiction: science fiction, fantasy, & horror, for suspense, thriller, mystery, & crime drama, for contemporary literature,, for non-fiction.

Before sending a manuscript submission, you MUST read the Enspire Publishing Manuscript Style Guide and Writer’s FAQ first. Do not submit work without having done so because that is a violation of our submission guidelines. What we are doing is new and if you haven’t read this, you will not understand the publishing and site plan.

(For art see: Art Commissions.)

We also recommend you read our Mission Statement and Values. And while not required, we strongly suggest that new authors read the other posts in our Resources for Writers Forum.

By submitting work to Enspire Publishing, you agree that:

  • You are the author(s) of the story and own the publication rights. (Or authorized agent of the author(s).)
  • You are age 18 or over.
  • The work submitted is not under consideration by another publisher. You agree to abstain from submitting elsewhere while it is under consideration at Enspire Publishing.
  • You are willing to provide proof of your identity and sign a contract under your legal name if the work is accepted, although the work can be published under a pen name. (No legal name, no contract.) We will need your legal name, as well as a physical address, to even read the work and in order to be able to offer a publishing contract. Some documents will have to be mailed rather than emailed. We will keep legal names (as well as addresses) confidential if author prefers to publish under a pseudonym(s). We respect the privacy of both our readers and authors. (See our Privacy Policy.)
  • You understand that U.S. law also requires you provide your social security number in order to pay royalties to U.S. citizens. Non-US citizens will also have to provide proof of residence and meet U.S. legal requirements for payment.
  • You have read our Writer’s FAQ and agree to work within the publishing model presented.
  • You understand that all work accepted for publication will go through a thorough editing process before publication and are willing to work with editorial staff to produce work to fit site guidelines.

The title of the email must include:

  • The word Submission and the Imprint for which the work is submitted. Imprint (pick one): ForbiddenFiction, Empassioned, OtherWorldsFiction, Inspectre, ContempLit, or CoreText.

In the body of your submission e-mail must include:

  • Imprint (pick one): ForbiddenFiction, Empassioned, OtherWorldsFiction, Enspectre, or CoreText
  • Genres.
  • Your legal name and pseudonym (if applicable).
  • Your mailing address and contact e-mail address.
  • Working title of story (and series name if applicable).
  • Length (word count) of manuscript.
  • General story description in two paragraphs or less.
  • Writing credentials. (Information about previous publishing, even fan works.)
  • Let us know if the story has been published or posted anywhere before (print or online, even posted to a journal), and if so, supply where and when. This does not automatically rule out a story for publication. If you hold the rights, we can sometimes integrate that previous exposure into promotions.
  • Submission agreement. After several submissions from authors who have not followed (or even read) our guidelines, we now require this statement before we will even read a submission. We don’t want to waste either our time or yours, so read it first.
  • Your email must include this Submission Agreement statement:
    I have read the Submission Guidelines and the Writer’s FAQ published on Enspire Publishing and agree to work within the publishing model presented. This work being submitted is not under consideration with another publisher and is available and being submitted for publication with Enspire Publishing. I will not submit it elsewhere while it is still under consideration at Enspire Publishing. I am the author or agent of the work being submitted and control the rights to publication. I am at least age 18 or older, and am both willing and able to sign a contract for said work under my legal name. Said work has either not been published before or I have included all information of previous publication and/or distribution of the work. I understand that all work accepted for publication will go through editing before publication and agree that am willing to work with editorial staff to produce work to fit site guidelines. I agree that communication between Enspire Publishing and myself is confidential and not to be revealed in public without consent of both parties.

If the above items listed are not in the email (not the submission file, the email) we will not even open the file with the story. This protects us from spam, computer viruses, and people who cannot follow directions.

Attach the following file to your email:

  • The complete manuscript. All manuscripts are required to conform to the Enspire Publishing Manuscript Style Guide. Any submissions with severe formatting problems (i.e. blocks of text with no paragraph breaks, illegible fonts) will not be read. File name should be the working title of the story. This should be a .doc or .docx file. Manuscripts should be formatted for submission. One file per story. We require single spaced with a space in between paragraphs. (No indents or tabs at the beginning of paragraphs.)

Send to:

Do not use any other email address for submissions. Submissions are only logged in if they come to that address.

You will receive confirmation by email, usually within 30 days, that we have received your manuscript and the file opens properly. If you don’t get confirmation within six weeks, please check in with us. We hope to have answers to queries within a week and response time to read and reply to manuscripts within 2-6 months. (This will largely dependent on volume received.)

These guidelines last revised 3/15/2018.