Proofreader Application

Are you the kind of person who, no matter how good the story is, always finds errors, and wishes you could fix them? Do typos, misspellings, bad punctuation, and grammar errors jump out at you? Do you have the patience to read and re-read a story until you’ve hunted down all the mistakes?

If this is you, and you enjoy reading, then we would love to have you as a proofreader for Enspire Publishing!

If you would like to volunteer as a Proofreader, read the following:

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to work with Please take some time to read through material posted on the site so far.

What we can offer volunteers is threefold:

  • We credit everyone who worked on a book, in the book and on the site. We are the only publisher we know of who lists everyone who worked on the project.
  • Proofreaders receive credit toward purchases on our site for each work they successfully proofread. You can use this credit to download copies of the final versions, or purchase other stories.
  • Proofreaders get to read and help polish fantastic fiction, in advance of other readers. Our proofreaders have access to areas of the site that basic members do not.
  • And then there’s the chance to help support an innovative style of publishing. We will be asking for feedback on the site from all those involved and can’t wait to hear ideas.

Before applying, you should know that we have some important requirements. If you fit the following requirements and want to work with us, fill out the application below and send it back. You must be age 18 or over. For legal reasons, this is not negotiable. (Also, some of our stories  contain explicit sexual situations. It is potentially illegal for us to send them to you if you are not of age.)

  1. Given the focus of our ForbiddenFiction site, We look for editors willing to handle explicit sexual material and a variety of kinks. It will be best if you let us know your limits—particularly which type of material you would rather not read.
  2. We are really looking for people who can edit short stories in less than a week, and novels within a month. You would be reading carefully, checking for mistakes. A once-through isn’t enough; you must have the time and interest in reading and rereading the chapters..
  3. You must be able to be online regularly, communicate clearly about the progress of the story, and commit to finishing the project on time.
  4. You must have solid knowledge of appropriate grammar, spelling and punctuation, especially as it applies to fiction. You would be responsible for making sure that the stories we go to publish have no grammatical mistakes, typos or misspellings. We have a Style Guide to help you interpret grammatical rules and determine which guidelines we favor, when there are multiple correct ways of writing a given piece of text.
  5. You will need to be willing to sign a non-disclosure contract agreeing that you will not copy, share or divulge, in part or in full, the stories you copy read ahead of time.
  6. You will need to have Microsoft Word, and be willing and able to use the Track Changes feature when editing and commenting on documents.
  7. You will need to agree to our Terms and Conditions.
  8. You will need to read and use our Manuscript Style Guide.
  9. You will need to read and agree with our Mission Statement and Values.
  10. You will need to create and maintain a profile on our site, in order to have access to the listings of works to be proofed, etc. You must have your account set up before applying as a proofreader. Keep in mind we credit using account names, so use the name you want appearing in the published credits.

If this works for you, please fill out the following application and send it via email to We look forward to working with you.

D.M. Atkins, Publisher

Copy and include in your email:


Your Legal Name:

Your account name on Enspire Publishing:

If you know us from somewhere else, such as online fandom or real life, please let us know what name we would recognize (multiples are okay, if you want to mention more than one):

Your Age:

Your Email:

Do you have Google or another chat program where we can discuss the project? If so, please provide information.

Have you done editing or proofreading (Beta, in fan parlance) before? What have you worked on?

What areas are your skills strongest?

What areas are your skills weakest?

How many chapters/words do you realistically think you could complete in a week?

Can you complete an entire novel (70,000 to 150,000 words) per project? How long would that take?

Are there certain types of content you will not work on? (Including things like violence, specific sex acts, gender pairings, and so on.)

Which types of stories are you most interested in working on?

Tell us any three errors currently in our site content (written by staff and/or authors) and get bonus points.

[This post last revised 3/9/2018.]