House Breaking


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Mature Content

Contains explicit sexual or violent content.

“I’m not rich, but people think I am. Maybe that’s why they broke into my house that night.” When brothers Kevin and Jesse break into the old Victorian during a blizzard to steal whatever treasure they can find, they never thought someone would be home. Or that the owner would have a fully functional dungeon in the basement. The owner feels it’s time Kevin and Jesse learned a lesson about good boundaries—and bondage. (M/M/M)

Novella (14,000 Words)
Publication Date: December 23, 2014
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When I had made the fake phone call to the cops, I had just planned on treating the boys to my expert mouth then throwing their asses out into the storm without their clothes. The blowjobs would have been for me, the naked in the storm was their punishment. It had been so long since I had been with a man in any capacity that doling out a couple of blowjobs would have eased the tension for a while. But knowing that they played the same game I liked to play… well, how could I resist?

“All right, let’s see what your brother is up to,” I said and escorted Jesse from the bathroom and back to the couch. A wave of relief passed over Kevin’s face as I set Jesse down next to him.

“What the hell were you two doing in there? Knitting your own toilet paper?” Kevin groaned.

I ignored him. “Do we wait for the cops, or do we handle this ourselves?” I asked.

“Up yours!” Kevin barked.

“So, I take this as a yes,” I said and went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife from the block on the counter and came back to the brothers.

Kevin’s eyes grew nearly as wide as dinner plates. He squirmed against the ropes and I could see he was holding his breath, waiting for the initial plunge of the knife.

“Settle down. I’m just going to cut your ropes,” I said and brought the knife down on the rope holding Kevin’s feet together. I kept his hands tied though. I needed him to walk, but that was as free as I was going to let him get for a while. “Can you stand?” I asked Jesse and he struggled to get to his feet. It is very difficult to get up from a low position when your hands are secured behind your back, so I scooped an arm around his waist and pulled him to his feet. I held onto Kevin while I did this, my fingers intertwined with his short red hair. I felt I could trust to let Jesse walk down to the basement, but I wasn’t letting his brother have any freedom. Kevin let out a shriek as I gave his hair a good tug.

“Listen to me and do everything I tell you to,” I said into Kevin’s ear. “We are going to the basement and if you struggle or try to get away, I will push you down those stairs. If you are lucky, you won’t break your neck, but you could easily break a bone or two. Do you understand me?”

“Yes,” Kevin replied, nodding his head and wincing at the tugs on his hair the movement caused.

“From here on out everything you say to me will be ended in sir. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” he said.

I tugged on his hair again. “Everything you say will end in sir,” I repeated. “Do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” he replied.

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