Checking Out


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Mature Content

Contains explicit sexual or violent content.

Dominic’s dream is to run his own bed and breakfast, while Sean’s is to be a celebrated chef. Dreams often require sacrifices and when Sean is offered a better job in the big city. Dominic is unable to give him a reason to stay at the Honey Creek Inn. With all the walls he’s built up around himself, both real and emotionally, losing Sean threatens to have Dominic’s entire world come tumbling down. In a place where people come and go, Dominic struggles to give Sean a permanent home in his heart. (M/M)

Novella (32,000 Words)
Publication Date: 23, 2012
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Sean sighed softly. “Can we talk about this?”

“I don’t see there’s anything to talk about.”

“Fine,” Sean gave in a second later. “Then let’s not talk.”

He pressed his mouth to Dominic’s neck, sliding his tongue up even as Dominic shifted under his hand.

“Sean,” Dominic said sternly, rolling onto his back, but Sean moved in before he could say more, capturing his mouth in a kiss.

Dominic resisted slightly, his hands against Sean’s stomach, two seconds from shoving him away, but Sean pressed closer instead, licking against his lips, wanting nothing more than for Dominic to just let him, to just forget about the whole day for a minute.

Dominic was stronger than him though, taller, more muscular, and he got his hands between them, pushing Sean away, turning his head from Sean’s mouth.

“Dom,” Sean said, eyes flicking over his face, brushing a piece of hair off his forehead even as his eyes followed the stern line of his mouth. “Can we just forget about the job? Just for a minute?”

Honestly, Dom didn’t want to think about it all. He would rather that Sean had never said anything, but he couldn’t forget about it now. Not when the only thought running through his mind was that Sean was going to leave.

Glancing at Sean, he paused. In the darkness, he could just make out the curve of his mouth, soft lips sliding up to his small nose, eyes staring down. He didn’t want to talk about it anymore or listen to Sean’s inevitable explanations that wouldn’t make a difference. Dominic knew when Sean wanted something, and he could see it in his eyes.

He rolled Sean over instead then, onto his back, and kissed him hard and fast. He pressed his mouth to Sean’s, tasting the last remnants of the drink he’d had in town, tart and tangy on his tongue, but Sean’s mouth was hot, opening for him as easily as it always had, drawing him in with a soft moan.

Inhaling sharply, Sean hummed against Dominic’s mouth, under the soft slide of their mouths together, the warm flush rising on his skin as his hand slid over Dominic’s shoulder, tracing down the muscles of his back. Dominic had always been stronger than him, and when Dominic grabbed his hand, pulling it away and pinning his wrist to the bed, Sean didn’t fight it.

Dominic could feel Sean’s pulse beating against his thumb, faster than normal, excited the way he always got when they did this.

Sliding down, Dominic pressed kisses to Sean’s stomach, nipping at the skin above the waist of his boxers, hearing Sean’s quiet whimpers. He wasn’t worried about being heard. The walls of the bed and breakfast were soundproofed as well as they could be. Besides, Sean usually kept quiet aside from the occasional whine or groan.

His hands slid away from Sean’s wrists as he moved down further, tongue licking over Sean’s hip, and Sean shivered, letting out a shaky breath, eyes closed against the darkness.

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