A Good Soldier


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A ForbiddenFiction Story
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Mature Content

Contains explicit sexual or violent content.

Syrus has always been a good soldier. When his loyalty and bodyguard skills are put to the test, he realizes that duty has far more meaning when the target is someone you care for. (M/M)

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Publication Date: January ,
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For years, I had assumed that I would be taken to boot camp after re-education. Instead, I was sent for special bodyguard training.

Half of it was enjoyable. We drilled repeatedly, we lifted weights, we learned how to identify and minimize threats. I excelled at that part of the bodyguard training, because it was still close to what I wanted to do. Protect my charge. Defend them at any cost. Serve. I tried to remind myself that I was still a soldier, just for one person, one unknown person who would buy and own me and who may or may not have the best of intentions.

I was still serving in some way, but it was the other things they had me do that ripped me apart.

Of all the Demoted classifications, those who are sent to die for their country are the least likely to be used for sexual service. They usually die quickly, and they spend most of their time alone with other Demoted. They are tools, somewhat respectable tools, and there is no reason to waste resources by training them for anything more than the basic sexual services.

I was exposed to sexual training in the re-education center just like everyone else, but I always thought it would be my last experience. I quickly learned that being a bodyguard would entail more than just protecting my master’s body.

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