Begging For It

Once again, he watches as she parades near his window, scantily clad on the hot summer’s eve. Once again, she entices him by bending over while pretending to walk her dog. She knows exactly what she’s doing and precisely how to excite and frustrate him, teasing him with the body she would never before share with him. Now, he’s prepared, he’s ready. Tonight’s the night. (M/F)

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Editor(s): Lon Sarver
Cover Designer(s): D.M. Atkins
Cover Art Credits: Photos by Afhunta & John247 at Dreamstime
Production Editor(s): Erika L. Firanc
Proofreader(s): CaryLory
Length: Short Story (3,900 Words)
Chapter(s): 1
Publication Date: February 8, 2013
Serialization Date: December 11, 2016
Archive(d) on December 18, 2016
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I feel pretty confident. I’ve read tons of articles and stories online. Even though they were fantasies, I’ve gotten some pretty good ideas. I’ve collected my “tool kit,” everything I’ll need for my task.

I leave my apartment, careful not to lock the front or back door. I walk across the parking lot and pretend to check my mail. I can see her disappearing around the corner. Perfect. She probably won’t come back unexpectedly. I leave the junk mail in my box as I take a slow pan around. I feel a faint and unmistakably dark smile on my lips.

The sun is fading, the long shadows clearly winning the battle against daylight. No one is leaving or pulling in. No one is sitting on their porch or conversing in the common area.

I walk to my car, continuing my slow survey. I feel my pulse quicken as the adrenaline rush hits. It’s now or never,I think to myself as I retrieve my tools from the rear seat. I leave my keys under the driver’s floor mat, in case I need to make a quick exit.

I slowly walk in the general direction of my apartment, but duck quickly behind the thick shrubs leading to her porch. From my concealment, I scan the area again, just to make sure no one’s noticed me. My breathing has quickened as the leaves lightly scrape against my shirt.

I still have a few minutes before she returns. It’s a warm night, but I’m sweating more than I should be. I crouch and shift quietly, trying to find a position I can hold and still provide enough force for my initial attack. My tools are in my nylon fanny pack around my waist.

I hear her coming, but can’t see her yet. She’s talking to her dog. I can’t quite make out her words. Air conditioning units cycle relentlessly. A car horn blows somewhere across the complex. It’s darker, now; the streetlights are beginning to flicker to life.

Wait. What the hell am I doing? Am I really going through with this?My joints begin to signal their discomfort. My entire body feels aglow with adrenaline and anticipation. Am I ready to become a rapist?

Sure, I’ve read hundreds, maybe even thousands, of rape fantasy stories. Many of these were written by women. I’ve even read how rape fantasies are one of the most common sexual turn-ons.

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