Between Here and There

Ever the tease, Avery Williams leads his lover, Timothy, on a chase that brings them to Ben Franklin bridge spanning the Delaware River. Behind them is Camden and their daily struggle to stay off the streets. Before them is the vibrant, elusive promise of the future. Trapped between, Avery lets himself be caught by the boy who owns his heart. Dreams and demons alike lie in wait as Avery gives Timothy yet another piece of himself in the hopes that it will somehow save them both. (M/M)

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Editor(s): Rylan Hunter
Cover Designer(s): Siol na Tine
Cover Art Credits: Benjamin Franklin Bridge photo By Ben Yanis [CC-BY-2.0, via Wikimedia Commons]. Model photo by Curaphotography at Dreamstime.
Production Editor(s): Erika L. Firanc
Proofreader(s): Kailin Morgan, Siolnatine
Length: Short Story (2,300 Words)
Chapter(s): 1
Publication Date: July 16, 2013
Serialization Date: Upcoming
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The glow coming off of Philadelphia on his left makes it look like Oz, a wondrous, magical place—especially compared to darker, seedy Camden on his right. But Camden is his home now. The rent’s cheap. The company is good. Letting his lips part softly, his eyes closing halfway, Avery watches Timothy’s mouth. Chasing it, he stays a breath away, a smile playing at the corners of his full lips.

“Maybe,” Timothy says thoughtfully, his naturally hushed, sandpapery voice like a tickle that races over Avery’s skin, “I should keep you on a leash.”

“Mm, kinky,” Avery purrs, grabbing Timothy brazenly by the crotch. Breathing out a rush of air, Timothy shivers, squints down at him and surges for his mouth. Avery in turn leans back, keeping just out of range, thinking of the random stranger that Timothy blew the other day for a hundred bucks.

“Stop that,” Timothy scolds, grabbing Avery by the back of the head, getting hat and hair both, using the grip to pull him into kissing range. The tip of Avery’s tongue teases lightly over the center of Timothy’s top lip and he tries to jerk away again, but Timothy yanks him close, kissing him deep and dirty until Avery’s head spins. They break after long minutes. “When I want to kiss you, you have to let me.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, actually. It’s a rule. I just made it.”

“Gonna get that tattooed on your arm too? Or maybe you could just write ‘property of Timothy’ over my ass.”

Timothy’s eyebrows shoot up. “Can I?”

Avery’s response is a deep, rolling chuckle. He undulates forward, dragging in a slow grind against Timothy’s groin. It makes Timothy exhale heavily, so Avery does it again but this time Timothy grabs Avery’s ass to guide his movements and keep him there. Avery keeps at it until Timothy’s dark brown eyes are black with lust, his skin flushed with heat. Then he wriggles away, slipping from his lover’s hold and hopping a few feet down the walkway with a bright laugh.

He dashes farther away while Timothy groans and braces a hand on the railing. “How can someone so sweet be so evil?”

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