Demon in the Well

Clara inherits her old aunts’ house and with it the responsibility to feed “the demon” in the well. Clara doesn’t believe in demons, or witches, or magic of any kind—until she drops her pearl necklace into the well and, to her astonishment, a voice from the deep says that she can have them back if he can eat by her table and sleep in her bed. (F/M)

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Editor(s): Lon Sarver
Cover Designer(s): D.M. Atkins
Cover Art Credits: Photo from galdzer at Pixmac.
Production Editor(s): Erika L. Firanc
Proofreader(s): Jae Knight
Length: Short Story (4,000 Words)
Chapter(s): 1
Publication Date: April 15, 2012
Serialization Date: November 21, 2015
Archive(d) on November 28, 2015
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Whoever it was chuckled. “I do not believe this is the time to reveal my identity to you,” the raspy voice said. “But I do see your pretty pearls down here. Would you like to get them back?”

“Yes,” Clara cried, though her hands were shivering, her mouth felt dry. “Yes, please,” she repeated in a slightly less high-pitched voice. A fortune down there, a goddamn fortune!

“That can be accomplished,” the stranger in the well replied, “on certain conditions….”

“Which are?”

“That I shall eat by your table and sleep in your bed.”

Clara was speechless. Was he making fun of her?

“What is your answer?” It sounded from the well.

He was definitely messing with her.

“Pearls first,” she said, in a voice that didn’t quite carry.

The person down there chuckled again. “You do not trust me, then? Very well. I will come to your house with the pearls this night. And then you will have to let me in.”

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