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A Slave's Desire - Erotic stories of relationships between slaves and masters.

A Taste of Romance - Erotic stories of romance and food.

Bending the Bard - Erotic tales inspired by William Shakespeare.

Bi Magic - Erotic fantasy stories, focusing on bisexual characters and relationships.

Breaking Gender - Erotic stories featuring transgender and/or gender non-conforming characters.

Carnal Carnivals - Erotic tales of fairs, carnivals and festivals – Mardi Gras, Renaissance, Folsom, Pride, Oktoberfest, more.

Clandestine Desires - Erotic stories of illicit meetings, masquerades and other secret affairs.

Desk Job - Erotic explorations of sex and power in the workplace.

Divine Desires - Erotic tales involving gods and goddesses, inspired by mythology.

Down Below - Erotic stories from the literal underground: caves, caverns, tunnels, catacombs, tombs and dungeons.

Empassioned - Stories which center on a relationship and the challenges which threaten it, ending happily ever after, or happy for now. Erotic content may be secondary to the story.

Flame Cycle -

Going Down in History - Erotic stories involving historical figures.

Manse - Novels and short stories set in the world of Lynn Kelling’s novel, Bound by Lies. These are a part of the Society of Masters shared world.

Midsummer Nights - Erotic stories of hot summer nights.

Mind Over Body - Erotic tales of mind control by any means, magical, technological, or otherwise.

Modified for Pleasure - Erotic tales of tattoos, piercing, scars and other body modifications.

Monstrous Desire - Erotic stories of monsters, desire beyond beauty, passion beyond reason or humanity.

Of Passion and Steam - Erotic stories in Victorian settings, with or without steampunk retro-sci-fi elements or magic.

Out of Habit - Erotic tales of clergy, real and fantastic.

Private Eyes and Naughty Dicks - Erotic stories of mysteries, private detectives, and femmes fatale.

Rawhide - Erotic tales set in the American old west.

Scales and Claws - Erotic stories featuring dragons: awesome, terrifying creatures of magic, fire and passion.

Seeking Submission - Erotic stories of submissives actively seeking their pleasure.

She's Boss - Erotic stories of dominant women – lesbian, bi or straight – who take charge of their pleasure.

Society of Masters - In the shadows, behind the scenes of the world you know, exists a secret world of professional domination and submission. All over the world, there are men who love men, who also love pain and discipline. Some are masters; some are willing slaves. Others… not so willing. One thing they all have in common is a desire to seek others with their inclinations, to seek respite and satisfaction among the society of masters. The Society of Masters is an overlapping, multi-author universe exploring the men of this world. In the world of The Society of Masters, major “players” include: * The Masters’ Circle is an exceptionally discreet English gentlemen’s club, with members placed in the highest positions in British government and society. * The Company is an American criminal cartel, supplying prostitutes to rich men and women with exotic tastes and hardcore fantasies. * Diadem is a fetish club and pornography studio. * Manse is an exclusive gay nightclub where the Doms and subs come out on Saturday nights. If you want to know the chronological order for the stories, see this SoM Timeline!

Southern Queer - Erotic stories of being queer (GLBT) in the American deep south.

Strange Appetites - Fantastic tales of extreme appetites–sexual and otherwise.

Striking a Chord - Erotic tales of rock stars, jazz players or other musicians.

Swords and Sandals - Erotic tales of the ancient Mediterranean world.

Taken - Erotic stories of abductions and kidnapping.

Taking Flight - Erotic tales of beings with wings – angels, demons, fairies, dragons, cyborgs & more.

Touched by Death - Erotic stories of the dead, the undead, and the living who have to deal with them.

Turning Tricksters - Erotic stories of trickster gods and naughty faeries.

Twin Ties - Erotic stories set in the world of Lynn Kelling’s Twin Ties series. Four men—two pairs of twins—search their lives for love, comfort, and belonging. Evan and Brennan were separated early, and struggle to find a way to be brothers. Alek and Luka, who grew up together without much parental support, provide experience and advice when the two sets of brothers begin dating each other. As the brothers find places for one another in each others’ lives, they find themselves confronting—and crossing—all manner of boundaries and limits. With no one but each other to rely on, they must deal with threats from rest of the world, from curious strangers and hostile ex-lovers to judgmental families.

Under the Lash - Erotic tales of the whip, and those who love it.

Undying Passions - Erotic stories of immortals - aliens, angels/demons, gods/goddesses - cursed and blessed.

Wicked Fairy Tales - Erotic fairy tales where Ever After isn't always so Happy, and everyone gets what's coming to them.

Winter's Darkest Desires - Erotic stories from the dark side of the holidays. Winter brings longer nights and holiday cheer is not always enough.

Zero-G Spot - Erotic encounters in space.