You Complicate Me

Annemarie Fitch has it all. She has a great job at The Sentinel, the swankiest hotel in town, and is about to marry her sexy fiance, Richard Samson. Everything is perfect until Richard suddenly gets cold feet, saying he needs time to think. Perhaps Richard is distracted from their wedding plans by Lilah, Annemarie’s carefree, bisexual, polyamorous best friend.

When a distressingly attractive record company executive named Zachary Link starts hitting on her, Annemarie finds herself torn between temptations and suspicions. The ring on Zach’s finger has Annemarie contemplating unexplored alternatives.

Lilah is similarly torn, feeling guilty drawn towards Richard, and inexplicably attracted to the shy baker, Chad, who works in her pastry kitchen at the Sentinel. Lilah isn’t used to hesitating about her desires, but Chad is monogamous, and Richard is, well, Richard. Is she ready to give up her other lovers if either of them return her interest? What if they both do?!

Annemarie and Lilah find themselves understanding each other more, as their lives and lovers grow ever more complicated.

Bonus Scene: You Complicate Me

In “You Complicate Me,” Lilah and Annemarie are roommates and besties. At the start of the book, Annemarie is happily engaged to Richard, and Lilah’s crushing hard on both of them. A threesome with two of her favorite people is one of her biggest fantasies. In this deleted scene, her wish comes true.

When I got home from work, I was sweaty and exhausted, and I felt like my skin had a fine buttery coating all over it. Making ridiculous quantities of brioche dough will do that to a girl. All I wanted was to hop in the shower, rub coconut-scented shower gel all over me, and collapse onto my futon.

Ninety seconds, I figured. Ninety seconds is all I need, then I sleep. If I hadn’t been so damn tired I might have heard, or at least sensed, that the bathroom was occupied. I didn’t, though, and what I saw when I opened the door woke me right up.

There was Annemarie on her hands and knees, with Richard fucking her from behind. The two of them were occupying most of the floor space in the tiny bathroom, the bathtub in back of them, the door, now open with me standing in it, in front of them. Judging from the wet hair, they’d just taken a shower and apparently couldn’t make it out of the bathroom without jumping on each other’s bones.

As I looked, Richard stopped in surprise, but only for a split second. His desire was too deep to be halted by my interruption. In fact, the way his thrusting sped up indicated that being watched only turned him on more.

I suppose I should have backed away, closing the door and apologizing profusely, but I couldn’t. I was riveted. All I wanted to do was rip my grimy clothes off and join them.

Annemarie grunted, her head back, her breasts dangling in an unbearably intoxicating way. Suddenly she said, “Stop, Richard,” and for a moment I thought the fun was over, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Annemarie went from hands and knees, to just knees, taking Richard’s glistening rod into her hands and stroking it. She looked at me and said, “Come on, Lilah.”

My eyes widened in surprise. I knew something had happened with Annemarie since she and Richard had their pre-wedding bump in the road, but this was a radical transformation. I didn’t stop to wonder about it, just joined Annemarie as fast as I could, which put me at eye level with Richard’s big, hard, beautiful cock.

Now the three of us were on the floor, sandwiched between door, toilet, sink, and bathtub. The tight quarters enhanced the experience, making it more immediate and enticing. The scent of pussy, the contours of Richard’s clenched, sculpted ass, Annemarie’s hot, parted lips—everything seemed magnified. Can this be real, I wondered, as Annemarie placed her hand at the back of my head and gently pushed my face closer to Richard. I breathed in the animal smell of cock and pussy, then licked and tasted the combination of two of my favorite people. I took Richard, so recently inside Annemarie, and began to suck him.

Just when I was getting into a groove, Annemarie’s hand, which had been at the back of my head the whole time, squeezed into a fist, grabbed a chunk of hair, and pulled me away. “Ouch,” I said, but I was laughing. Richard had told me Annemarie liked to be in charge.

She stood up, closed the toilet seat, and ordered me to take off my clothes and sit on it. I hoisted myself off the floor, knocking my ass on the edge of the still wet bathtub as I did, and got naked. Meanwhile, Annemarie spread a towel over the closed toilet seat, and I maneuvered by the still standing Richard, his cock brushing against the skin of my bare belly as I went. Annemarie put her hands on my shoulders and pushed my ass down onto the seat, making me eye level with her pump pink nipples.

I wanted a piece of them, badly, but that wasn’t what Annemarie had in mind. “Open your legs,” she said. As soon as I was splayed she turned her attention to Richard, steering him toward me, aiming his cock straight for my pussy. The lack of foreplay didn’t matter a whit. I was soaked, and Richard slid in easily.

I spread my legs wider, leveraging myself with one foot on the edge of the tub and the other on the sink cabinet, working my nipples with my fingers while watching Richard slide in and out. After several thrusts Annemarie got on her knees, yanked Richard away from me and toward her, sucked his cock for a few seconds, then pushed him right back inside me. Now that I had relinquished the floor for the towel-covered toilet seat, Annemarie had more room, but she stayed close to Richard, confining his space so she could control his every move more easily.

We went on like this for a while, Richard fucking me for a teasingly short time, then getting sucked by Annemarie, then fucking me again. I was going so nuts I reached my fingers to my clit to end the torture, but Annemarie slapped my hand hard before I could make myself come, and kept the whole business going even longer.

Meanwhile, it was becoming obvious that Richard was having difficulty holding back his own orgasm, a problem Annemarie handled by making us wait a little bit longer between each mini fucking and sucking session.

Eventually, we were both panting and begging so pathetically that Annemarie relented. She wrapped her hand around the base of Richard’s cock and drew it to my swollen pussy, rubbing the tip along my lips and clit. As it circled my nub, the wave that had been building inside me crashed long and hard. Annemarie gave some kind of nod to Richard, who penetrated my throbbing pussy yet again, fucking me hard until he, too, exploded.

He fell back against the wall and Annemarie stood up, stepping into the space he had just occupied. leaning over to stuff her pretty pink nipples into my mouth. I licked and sucked them greedily, squeezing the tender flesh of her breasts while she moaned and sighed in satisfaction.

Now that she was the one receiving, she wasn’t so pushy about managing everything, so I gave her hips a nudge and pushed her into Richard, who wrapped his arms around her from behind and used his hands to pick up where I left off with her tits. I slipped off my seat and scrunched onto my knees, turning my head up to nuzzle Annemarie’s mound with my nose, taking in the enticing smell of her precious box. She parted her legs and I reached higher, buried my face deeper, licking her from asshole to clit, drawing her lips into my mouth, slipping my tongue into her hole. I felt her wanting more but no way was she getting off that easy, not after the way she’d just so deliciously teased me and Richard.

She moaned, sinking lower so she could smush herself into my face, letting Richard hold her up as she squatted to reach me. . I slipped one finger into her pussy. When I tickled her anus with another, she moaned louder. “Oh, yes, Lilah,” she said. I obliged, sinking my fingers into her more deeply, probing for the spots that would make her release. I wanted her to come standing over me, spurt warm liquid over my cheeks and down my neck.

When Annemarie began to bounce I knew I’d found it, and as I circled my fingertips she cried out louder. I shot a glance upward at Richard, who was contorting his head in an effort to see what was going on underneath him.. The sight of him watching us made me shudder with renewed desire, and I spread my mouth over Annemarie’s pussy, drawing her nub into my mouth and sucking as she climaxed, letting loose a long, blessed stream of hot liquid.

We all collapsed on the floor, a tight, sweaty, satisfied heap.

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