About Us

Enspire Publishing (EP) is an independent publisher with six imprints focused on different genres. Each imprint will also have its own site, integrated to work with the publisher’s home pages. At each site, readers will have the chance to keep up with their favorite imprint, read behind-the-scenes and bonus material, read works serialized for readers to read free serialized works, and comment on specific pages and chapters. While our first imprint has been working for six years, the others are expected to come online within a couple years and are open for submissions now. .

ForbiddenFiction.com for intelligent erotica of all genres,
Empassioned.com, for romance,
OtherWorldsFiction.com, for speculative fiction: science fiction, fantasy, & horror,
InspectreBooks.com for suspense, thriller, mystery, & crime drama,
ContempLit.com for contemporary literature,
CoreTextBooks.com, for non-fiction.

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Choices in Reading

Choices in Formats

All of the fiction published by Enspire Publishing will be available in several different formats. You want to read on your browser, your phone, your ebook reader, or an actual print book? Sure. You have choices of how you wish to read our stories.

Ebooks – All fiction published by Enspire Publishing is available for download in electronic forms. These downloads vary in price based on size of fiction. For example, if you want to read that new short story we just posted on your reader instead of online, you could download the story as an epub, pdf, or mobi format for less than a dollar. Or the new novel being posted one chapter a week is so good, you just can’t wait to read it all. Not a problem. Just buy the ebook and read it now. Or you missed the story when it was being serialized but want to read it. The ebook is still be available. You can buy a novel for less than you’d usually spend for a coffee and pastry.

Print Books – Oh, you just love the feel of the book in your hand, turning the pages and setting in your book case to be there when you want it. Simple solution. Print on demand books are also be an option. Novels are easily available in paperback format. Popular short stories and novellas are often gathered into anthologies to enjoy later.

Serialized Free Fiction – Most of the fiction we publish will first be posted on the imprint sites available free to read for members (Free membership is available to anyone 18 and over and willing to abide by the terms of use). We offer new content every day. After a story is finished, whether it’s a short story or a novel, it remains free on the site for a week. Then the story is moved to the imprint Library. (See below for more information on that.)

In the works:

Audio Fiction – Fiction available in convenient audio books. This will be our next project.

Online Searchable Library – Fiction published with Enspire Publishing imprints will remain in our online searchable Library for years, available to be read by Subscribing Members at their leisure. In addition, there will be bonus material in the Subscribing Members sections that will add to the experience. The cost of membership per month will likely be less than the price of one ticket to the movies.

Interactive, Social Reading Environment

Enspire Publishing imprints  are designed to be a social reading environment. You’ll have fun even if just reading the latest post each day is all you are after. Yet, you also have the chance for so much more. One of the things we, as readers ourselves, have always enjoyed is a chance to talk with others who share our interests in literature. Some have been lucky enough to find that in both face to face and in fandom cultures online. We wanted to bring that to the experience of original erotic fiction. Both authors and readers have the chance to be part of on-going discussions of both specific works and individual authors as well as general topics such as BDSM in fiction or ethical issues in writing. The list of potential topics is endless.

Story Discussions – Each story, whether it’s a short story or novel, has a threaded comments feature following each post. This allows readers not only a chance to comment, encourage or ask questions, but gives authors and readers an opportunity to interact with each other. Are you that person always talking in the theater and trying to guess what comes next? Do you want to comment on a favorite line or talk about an issue brought up in the last chapter? Members of Enspire Publishing imprints can do that on the site. Even readers who have bought the entire book instead of waiting can head over to the primary page for that particular book and talk about it with both the author and other readers.

Choices in Types of Membership

Enspire Publishing  has a variety of options for reading – from the casual reader who just looks for something to read when in the mood, to the Free Members who can read new material to (eventually) the Subscribing Members who have access to all the stories as well as bonus material.

Non-Members – Anyone who is 18 or over and agrees to the terms of the site can read story home pages and the free excerpts of stories, as well as order ebooks or print books from Enspire Publishing. Or even order those books on other sites where Enspire Publishing sold are sold. There are links to all these on each story page. To prevent spammers and trolls, only members will be able to read and post comments to stories.

Free Members – Free members have the ability to participate in story discussions and online events. Anyone who fits Enspire Publishing imprints site rules, is willing to read and agree to the Terms of Service, fill out a basic membership profile and provides a verifiable email address can join as a Free Member. Anyone who subscribes to the newsletter will also receive coupons for discounts that vary from month to month.

Subscribing Members* – Subscribing Members have access to the Enspire Publishing Library of stories. Some stories will even have bonus material not available to free members. They also will have additional discounts on downloads and other purchases made at the site. The cost of membership will be less than that of a movie ticket.

*At this time, only Free Memberships are available. We plan to offer Subscribing Memberships at a future date.

Content Labels instead of Content Limits

Instead of “protecting” readers from content that might upset or offend them, our imprints provide content labels. Not only does each story have Genre Categories (such as Romance, Horror, Science Fiction, Historical, etc.), each story also has Content Labels which will include story elements that readers may use to seek out or avoid according to their personal preferences.

Content Labels are more like the ingredients labels you see on food. They’re there to let you know what you’re getting into. Just because one person is allergic to an ingredient, such as cayenne, doesn’t mean others might not really want a hot spicy food with cayenne powder in it.

We apply the same logic to fiction. For example, while one reader would seek out fiction involving violence, another might prefer to avoid those stories. A reader might decide to seek out stories involving explicit sexuality, another might prefer to skip that. We will also use Content Labels to help distinguish between pairings in erotica and/or romance such as m/m (male & male), m/f (male & female), f/f (female & female) or other combinations that are included in stories.

Content Labels allow for flexibility in both what we publishes and what readers want to read. Just like food warnings, you can choose to read or not read the labels. It gives writers freedom to write and readers freedom to make their own choices.

Each imprint will have a list Content Labels. Hover over with cursor to get a definition. Click the label to see all stories that have that label.

Enspire Publishing Mission Statement

Enspire Publishing is an independent publisher where we inspire to publish quality literature from feminist, LGBTIAQ-friendly, POC inclusive, and highly diverse authorial and narrative perspectives.

We serve readers who want accessible fiction and non-fiction for the digital age; so we publish our works in ebook form (without DRM), print, online serialization, and plan to publish in audio format.

We seek to be interactive, both technology-wise and in our storytelling. Enspire Publishing believes in critical thinking regarding material others might wish to censor. We are dedicated to providing a friendly, accepting work environment for our staff.

Our Values:


    • We try our best to be honest in content and communication.
  • We seek to communicate progress, including goals and limitations.


    • We only make promises we are confident we can keep, and we keep every commitment we can.
      • Flexibility in our process allows us to respond smoothly to unexpected obstacles.
    • Quality takes time. We take the time necessary to produce consistently excellent books, and promote them with care and enthusiasm.

Social Responsibility

    • Our differences make us strong. We accept and endorse diversity, including—but not limited to—gender, ethnicity, gender identity, race, body type, appearance, neuro-diversity, ability, sexual orientation, nationality, religion or personal beliefs, etc.
    • People of all genders have a right to bring a subjective viewpoint to the table.
    • We believe feminism does not end with gender. We oppose ALL forms of oppression, including but not limited to sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, ableism, looksism, and religious bigotry. As with all social justice goals, no one area of oppression can be examined and deconstructed without addressing all forms. This is the fundamental nature of intersectionality, and the goal of all anti-oppression work.
    • There is no justification for treating another human being as anything less than human.
  • Our publications are intended to encompass a wide range of identities. We make a concerted effort to encourage authors to create strong, diverse content.
Our Team

D.M. Atkins, Publisher & Managing Editor (2011-Present)
Atkins provides Enspire Publishing with the management skills, business acumen and publishing knowledge from over thirty years in the publishing industry. Atkins has Bachelor degrees in both Professional Writing and Anthropology and a Masters in Anthropology. Atkins has worked in a variety of roles including journalist, graphic designer, editor, managing editor and publisher. Atkins has both fiction novels and non-fiction books in print, as well over a hundred articles in newspapers, magazines, journals and online. Atkins has an extensive and varied experience editing—as managing editor of both local newspapers and an international trade magazine; as publisher and editor of a science fiction and fantasy magazine; and academic research articles as the editor of both anthologies and journals in sexuality studies.

Lon Sarver, Senior Story Editor (2012-Present)
Sarver brings to Enspire Publishing both editing talent and experience working authors. He has worked with D.M. Atkins on a number of anthology projects and fictional works previously and has been working with Enspire Publishing since our start in 2012. He has degrees in psychology and counseling, which can be applied to both the analysis of fictional characters and the assistance of frenzied and frustrated authors working through seemingly endless revisions. Sarver is also fluent in the arcane dialects spoken by publishers, a resource needed by nearly any author.

Siol na Tine, Artist & Designer (2013-Present)
Siol na Tine brings a combination of artistic vision with internet savvy to cover design and web art for Enspire Publishing. Fine art and digital design, folklore studies, psychology, computer programming, and years in the tech industry may seem like a strange combination, but here they make for a versatile designer. Siol na Tine has college degrees in Network Programming, Liberal Arts (Math & Engineering Focus), and Religious Studies. Soil na Tine has been working with Enspire Publishing since 2013.

Kaye O’Malley, Webmaster, Bookkeeper & Production Editor (2013-Present)
O’Malley brings management skills to the Enspire Publishing offices, organizing records and managing resources, production for both ebook and print, as well as webmaster for the Enspire Publishing websites. O’Malley has a 2016 certificate in bookkeeping and has been training with Enspire Publishing since 2013.

Inactive Team Members:

Rylan Hunter, Senior Story Editor (2011-2016)
Hunter has been with Enspire Publishing since our start in 2012. Hunt is an expert at helping writers find the best in their stories. Rylan has been creating and writing stories since he was a child. A strange talent for spelling and punctuation took him on a new path and he began editing nearly a decade ago. After working with several talented writers who encouraged his efforts, Rylan began to write more seriously and currently has one book that he’s co-authored at JoyBoy Island. He also has a variety of erotic and social awareness poetry that can be seen at APL and CroWolf sites. Rylan has several writing projects in progress.

Nola Bee, Designer & Marketing Assistant (2014-2016)
Nola Bee contributes a background in photography, anthropology and advertising. With an abundance of curiosity towards the publishing and marketing world, Bee lends her talents to support and assist the rest of the team. Nola is working on a Masters Degree in Marketing.

Derrick N. Davidson, Web & Office Assistant (2013-2016)
Davidson provides Enspire Publishing with crucial technical skills. He is currently working on a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. Although Davidson is primarily focused in Computer Science, he has earned numerous awards, including a scholarship, in Mathematics. Using these skills, he hopes to better the business as a whole by making the website easier to navigate and understand. Davidson also hopes to learn from this experience, expanding his knowledge on programming, business, and web development as he goes. In addition, thanks to his meticulous nature, Davidson is an excellent line editor and proofreader.

Erika L Firanc, Production Editor (2012-2016)
Firanc is Enspire Publishing’s book layout and ebook formatting specialist. She has a lifelong passion for document conversion and an obsession with ebooks and portable reading devices. She’s extensively researched the legalities and logistics of publishing in the digital age, and loves opportunities to put that awareness into practice. Erika has over twenty-five years’ professional experience in desktop publishing and has worked with digital archiving for more than ten years.

James L. Wolf, Story Editor (2013-2016)
James L. Wolf is a Story Editor and author at at Enspire Publishing. He has taught writing workshops and classes for diverse populations of children, adolescents and adults; this includes people in substance abuse treatment and college-level students. Wolf has an Bachelors degree in Women Studies, a Masters degree in Education, and a Masters degree in Social Work.

Elizabeth Anne Tanner, Story Editor (2014)
Tanner has been writing and editing for over ten years, with articles published in Nursing magazines. She works as a registered nurse and has a theatre degree which helps in a broad range of subjects when working on novels and with authors.

T.J. Alden, Story Editor (2015)
Alden holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Studies, has a background in copy writing, and possesses strong interpersonal skills. A veteran teacher, she currently reviews books online and enjoys working with authors as a beta reader.

Kel Draves, Story Editor (2014)
Draves began working with as an intern us right out of college, after completing a undergraduate degree in business, and has since become a regular story and line editor.

Former Interns:

Emma Williams, Editorial & Marketing Intern (2017)
As a intern, Emma Williams is eager to bring her experience with proofreading and critical thinking skills to the team at Enspire Publishing as she learns about the world of publishing. Emma is an English major with a concentration in Creative Writing and a deep-rooted love of literature, especially fiction and fantasy.

Ava Verdugo, Editorial & Marketing Intern (2017)
Ava Verdugo brings experience in copy editing and technical writing to Enspire Publishing. She is a graduate student studying English Literature and Creative Writing, and looks forward to learning more about online publishing.

G. Rose, Editorial Intern (2017)
G. Rose brings to Enspire Publishing a love of reading and a drive to learn the ins and outs of the publishing industry. Rose is currently a student at U.C .Berkeley majoring in English and Creative Writing, and aspires to pursue writing following her graduation in the spring of next year.

Maria Thompson, Publishing Assistant Intern (Fall 2016)
Maria Thompson is majoring in English Literature. With an interest in fiction, Maria is excited to learn about the world of publishing and to bring her skills to help assist the team.

Khanh Le, Database Intern (Fall 2016)
Khanh Le has a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering with a Minor in Mathematics. He has a deep interests in back end web development and dynamic responsive web design. He utilizes his skills as a web developer to better improve the business website architecture and user interface experience.

Natia Pisces, Publishing Assistant Intern (Summer 2016)
Natia Pisces is an intern with Forbidden Fiction as well as a college student majoring in business. She is excited to bring her skills with office management to the team as she learns about the publishing business.

Alex Burgess, Editorial & Marketing Intern (Summer 2016)
Alex Burgess has a bachelor’s degree in English. She has a modest background in theater and creative writing, and extensive experience taking care of cats. Alex is eager to dive into the publishing world and work alongside the Forbidden Fiction team as a marketing intern.

D.R. Vaughn, Editorial Intern (Summer 2016)
D.R. Vaughn brings to the Enspire Publishing team her experience in copyediting, fiction and poetry editing, and proofreading from working with various newspapers and literary magazines throughout high school and college. Over the years, she has cultivated a deep love and connection with books, reading, writing and the technical aspect of the English language. She has her bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing.

Sally Anderson, Editorial Intern (Summer 2016)
As a new intern, Anderson brings her background in English and Feminist Studies to Enspire Publishing. Her concentrations in Professional Writing and LGBTQ Studies offer a critical literary and theoretical approach to the genre of intelligent erotic fiction. With experience in academic publishing and editing, Anderson looks forward to exploring independent publishing through Enspire Publishing.

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