Enspire Publishing Internships

Indie publisher looking for administration, editorial, website, and marketing intern(s).

Interns will be working directly with the publisher and staff on various aspects of running a small international publishing business. We work with interns to evaluate in which areas they excel and on which project they would wish to focus on during their time with us. See http://www.Enspirepublishing.com.

Enspire Publishing (EP) is a independent publisher with six imprints:

  • Empassioned (romance),
  • OtherWords (science fiction, fantasy, & horror),
  • Inspectre (suspense, crime drama, thrillers & mystery),
  • ContempLit (contemporary literature),
  • ForbiddenFiction (erotica), and
  • CoreText (non-fiction).

One of our strongest imprints is ForbiddenFiction, a cutting-edge erotic fiction line combining quality writing with explicit content. Candidates must be accepting and non-judgmental of a wide range of explicit erotic content; ideal candidates will be open-minded and not easily shocked. Please check out our websites before applying: http://www.forbiddenfiction.com. If the subject matter offends you, do not apply.

There are four major focuses that interns can choose from:

  • Administration focused interns work on areas of business management and record keeping. These interns need to have strengths in organizational skills and fascination with details. The interns will read submissions, assist in editorial management, proofreading, assist publisher with managing online documents, work through marketing tasks such as writing advertising blurbs, cover text, and supporting content, updating record keeping, loading work onto distribution sites, and helping support and track sales. Since this is a start-up, interns will help document the systems we will use in the future.
  • Editorial focused interns work on learning the process of submissions, development, line editing and proofreading of manuscripts. Interns will The process that manuscripts and authors go through the editorial process and the record keeping important for the Managing Editor in moving the manuscript to publication.
  • Website focused interns will work on development for our multiple WordPress sites. This focus needs interns excited about website design and function. Interns will check entries, research and implement plugins and other upgrades to the sites, conduct maintenance, and correct/update code. Experience in html, php and other code will be helpful, but not required.
  • Marketing focused interns work to help promote the websites and books we publish. Areas of interest include cover design, writing story blurbs and ad copy, creating newsletters, social media campaigns, and more. Interns with this focus need to be eager and able to communicate to larger audience.

Desired General Qualifications:

  • Creative, open mind.
  • An interest in indie publishing.
  • Willing to share ideas, assume responsibility, both take direction and initiative.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision in a laid-back environment.
  • Excellent communication, analytical, and writing skills.
  • Must be able to read critically in order to successfully evaluate work.
  • Reliable work ethic – being on time and focused on the work.
  • Proficiency in MS Office Suite (specifically, MS Word, Excel, and Outlook).
  • Must be willing to learn and use programs that help with internal communication.
  • Web-based skills would be appreciated, especially blogging and online forums.

This job places heavy emphasis on your initiative, organizational abilities, internet skills, and familiarity with publishing software tools (Microsoft Word, Excel, Google docs). On-the-job training is provided, but proficient computer skills are required.


Internships are available year round. This is a part-time, unpaid internship position. We expect at minimum 10 hours, at least 8 of which is done on site (in two 4-hour blocks), per week, for at least ten weeks. The publisher places a high value on reliability, so while interns can negotiate schedules, they will be expected to keep to whatever is agreed upon.


Our office is located in the publisher’s home in Hayward, California. We are conveniently located a half mile from the South Hayward BART station. Interns can park nearby, or use BART and then walk or bike to and from the station.

The atmosphere is a laid back setting with lots of light, cases full of books, and a nice open work area. We work at home and enjoy the benefits of the clean environment, beautiful patio, well equipped kitchen, comfortable chairs and other amenities. (Note: Two cats also work and play here, so those with allergies be advised.)

We’re alternative in many ways and accepting of folks regardless of race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, religion and more. We expect those working with us to be similarly accepting of diversity.


While the position is not paid, candidates will get experience for their résumés and letters of recommendations as requested (under the name EP, if preferred). There is a possibility of future paid work for the right person(s). In addition, interns will have access to the staff-level memberships on the site and the chance to read (usually before anyone else) fantastic fiction and non-fiction.

To apply:

Send cover letter and resume to: jobs@enspirepublishing.com

Cover letter should include explanations of:

1) Why choose our small company?
2) What does the potential intern bring to aid us?
3) Which areas is the intern interested in which to focus?