Domestic Copyrights respects the intellectual property of others, and we ask our users to do the same. If you feel that your writing was copied without permission and in violation of your copyright by another writer on, please provide administrators with the following information via our contact form:

(1) Your user name and e-mail address, and forum profile (if available).

(2) Contact information for the user you feel is violating your copyright. This information should include the author’s user name, e-mail address, and forum profile URL.

(3) The URL of the copyrighted material that you believe is being infringed, the date that your copyrighted material was posted, and the title of the copyrighted material.

(4) The URL of the alleged infringing material, the date the alleged infringing piece was written and the title the alleged infringing piece.

(5) Supporting and collaborative evidence that demonstrates copyright infringement.

(6) A short message detailing the nature of the copyright infringement.

After this has been received, administrators will seek to determine if the piece in question is in violation of your copyright and then respond accordingly.