T.C. Mill

T.C. Mill runs a freelance editing business and writes erotica when she needs a break from it all. Her short fiction and ebooks have been published by Dreamspinner, Carina, Storm Moon, and in anthologies from Circlet Press, Greenwoman Publishing, House of Erotica, and Cleis’ new imprint, Tempted Romance. With her friend Alex Freeman, she has published two anthologies of literary erotica with the New Smut Project.

A Last Touch of Grace

Matthew O’Dallan was separated from his childhood sweetheart Iphigenia Haworth when his parents promised him to the Church. Years later, Iphigenia finds her way to his parish. Their old bond hasn’t weakened—in fact, maturity has made it in some ways stronger than ever, adding lust to their longtime affection. She remembers the old promises they made each other, and before God, she is ready to keep them. And although he knows that it’s a sin, Matthew can’t help but find in her temptation the chance for a last touch of grace. (F/M)