Madeleine Shade

With more than a thousand books amassed on her favorite subjects, Madeleine is an avid collector of fairy tales, folklore and myth. In addition to publishing with ForbiddenFiction, her work can be found at her website, Shady Lady Fairy Tales. When she isn’t crafting erotic fairy tales, she spends her time seeking new stories and exploring the mysteries of the Front Range in Colorado.

A Thief Bared

When the travelling golden boy Arjan comes across a seemingly abandoned manor at a crossroads, the sly thief lets himself in to sample the soft beds, tasty food and comfortable chairs housed inside. However, his hopes for an easy haul are set aside when he finds a nude maiden waiting for him in the most perfect bed in the house. Exhausted, even though he has slept, and ravenous, despite eating his fill, Arjan slowly begins to realize that not everything is as it seems. (F/M)