Jean Roberta

Jean Roberta lives on the Canadian prairies, where the vastness of land and sky encourage daydreaming. She teaches English and creative writing in the local university, and is legally married to the woman of her dreams. Her diverse fiction (mostly erotic) has appeared in many print anthologies, an out-of-print novel, two out-of-print story collections, and two available collections: Obsession (Renaissance), The Princess and the Outlaw (Lethe Press) plus The Flight of the Black Swan: A Bawdy Novella (Lethe, also in audio). She co-edited Heiresses of Russ (Lethe), an annual anthology of the year’s best lesbian speculative fiction. She blogs here: every Friday, and here: on the 26th of each month.

A Well-Placed Pinch

The King and Queen of the Fairies love to watch the human world through their magic mirror. When they see three young women rehearsing for a university production of Shakespeare’s romantic comedy Twelfth Night, the observers see more than the performers know they are showing. Will the shy butch disguised as a page win the heart of her idol, who plays the countess? And will the countess’ maid play a few tricks that aren’t in the script? The royal couple make a bet about how the real drama will be resolved. When the prize is sex, everyone wins! (F/F+)