Dorla Moorehouse

Dorla Moorehouse lives in Austin, Texas. Her erotic stories have appeared in anthologies both in print and online. She has also been an editor for the Coming Together charity anthology series. Dorla loves dancing, summer, steak, and martinis. She lives with musician Ivo Benengeli and their two dogs.

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Amateur Photography

When her maybe-boyfriend goes on vacation, Lena can’t help but question whether the spark will still be there when he returns. But armed with a smartphone camera, she takes matters into her own hands, determined to make herself memorable. (F/M)

Naked in the Sun

Andy has spent the last year nursing his partner, Daniel, through an illness that left Daniel completely blind. Andy has been nothing but gentle, considerate, and careful with Daniel, who’s depressed and frustrated with the situation. Exactly which aspects of the situation frustrate him the most comes as something of a surprise when Daniel drags him off into the bushes for some fun in the sun. (M/M)

One Last Time, Again

Nicole is angry with Evan, and never wants to see him again. Except this one last time. One last touch before it’s over, forever. Forever, or until the next “one last time,” and the next after that, as Nicole and Evan discover that something between them survives over the decades and the miles.