Art Commissions

We do buy rights to photo and art for use on our site, covers and promotions. We regularly contract for commissions from artists for some of our covers or purchase directly from photographers. If you are interested in working to spec on commissions for us, send us email about your work.

Include in the email:

  • Your pen name (real or another, we need to know what name to credit)
  • A link to a portfolio of your work
  • Examples of the rates for your work.
  • Send email with a link to samples of your work to:

If we decide to commission your work, we will also need:

  • Your legal name (we will keep it private, but it must be on the contract)
  • Your mailing address
  • Your birthdate (must be 18 or over to sign a contract for commissions)
  • A copy of your ID proving name and age
  • Tax code number (in US social security number).