Hunter’s Tree


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A ForbiddenFiction Story
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Mature Content

Contains explicit sexual or violent content.

Justin is a predator, and the forest is his hunting ground. Brooke came to the forest to outrun her past, but the forest gave her to Justin. Run to ground, with nowhere to turn, she is forced submit to Justin’s appetites. The terrors of her past reach out for her and threaten to overwhelm her as her worst fears come to life. (M/F)

Short Story (7,700 Words)
Publication Date: May 25, 2012
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He hid from her as she approached the stream, and watched as she collapsed on hands and knees before it. Her full and round ass made two luxurious spheres, two massive globes of perfect flesh offered up to him by fate, for he believed that all players, hunter and prey, played out their predestined roles. As she drank, her tongue lapping madly at the clear water, her breasts rested on the stone beneath her, spreading out. A breeze lifted the bottom of her blouse and revealed a plush belly suspended beneath her.

Justin adjusted his erection in his pants, stroking it as he watched her drink. When she finished, she splashed cold water over her red face and over her hair, and then sat down on a flat boulder. Justin listened to her gasp for breath and tried to smell the fear she exhaled. She looked about, and then picked up a grapefruit-sized stone and clutched it in her hands.

Justin stood up, drawing himself to his full height, and approached her from behind quietly, stepping first with the ball of his foot and then rolling his foot to the side. Now I will be air and move quietly, but soon you will feel me, Brooke. He enjoyed the quiet stalk almost as much as the outright chase, being able to bypass the girl’s hearing.

She turned suddenly when he stood within a few yards of her, and her eyes and mouth became rounded. Justin relished her shock. Disable one sense and the others follow, he thought.

Brooke quickly drew back and windmilled her arm, throwing her stone at Justin’s head. He was glad she was too frightened to take better aim, as he felt it pass over his head close enough to brush the mask.

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