Frogger Says


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A ForbiddenFiction Story
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Mature Content

Contains explicit sexual or violent content.

Meet Andy’s new college classmate, Hannah. Hannah collects stuffed animals, neck contusions, and voices in her head. She and her friend Frogger wants to play. And they like to play rough. (M/F)

Novella (10,000 Words)
Publication Date: May 4, 2012
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Girl pop suddenly blared on the sound system in the other room. Andy smothered a smirk and turned to grab a beer before Jeremy saw his face. When he turned around, Hannah stood in the doorway, holding the hem of her dress with her fingertips.

“C’mon! Dance!” Hannah said, grabbing Andy and Jeremy by the wrists and pulling them out to the living room.

“No no no,” Andy said, laughing. “I gotta, gotta go work on something.”

Hannah hopped over to her purse and pulled out a stuffed frog, holding it towards him.

“Frogger says dance!” Hannah said in a rough voice.

“That’s… um… not convincing me,” Andy said, backing away. “Good night, kids.” He turned to walk back to his room.

Hannah slipped past and stepped in front of him. She leaned against him, pushing her ass back into him, wiggling it a little. He put his hands on her back to push her away but she grabbed them and slid them down her flanks, resting them on her hips. She ground her ass against him, making blood flow into his prick. The smell of her hair and perfume crawled into his brain again.

I need to go. Now! he thought. He looked back over his shoulder at Jeremy, who danced badly and shrugged at him.

Hannah held onto Andy’s hands and pushed backwards, guiding him back to the living room dance-floor. She flitted back and forth between the two men, keeping them close to her on either side.

When she ground her ass against Jeremy, he grinned and slid his hands up her belly, feeling her breasts. Hannah stared at Andy, smiled and tugged the front of her dress down. Her breasts stood up high, with long, thin nipples Jeremy’s fingers rubbed like he was trying to remove them.

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