Shaded Chains


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Mature Content

Contains explicit sexual or violent content.

“Say my fucking name.”

Alex Gardner is a psychiatric nurse, Ross McKendrik a tattoo artist: both know the fears and strains of caring for an old man with dementia: Ross’s father. When lines between father and son are crossed and trust is broken between Alex and Ross—between a sub and Dom—Ross is in a fight for his life to earn the right to hear his sub say his name again. Only having grown up in the Scottish Highlands, Ross’s methods are a little… dangerous, his methods are a little… dark. Love is about to get very, very tough.

Novella (30,000 Words)
Publication Date: June 13, 2017
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Having allowed a good few days for the redness on Alex’s tattoo to ease, come Saturday morning, Ross woke on the settee, with his arms wrapped around Alex. Content that he was healing as he should, Ross pulled Alex’s nakedness snugly into him, loving theass-to-groin contact. Last night a quilt had been dragged down from upstairs just before they’d settled down with a movie. Alex was exhausted from the heavy work week, but that wasn’t obvious this morning. From the flicker of flame in the hearth, Alex had already been up at some point to get the fire going. In the distance, the sound of a coffee machine bubbled away, and the fresh smell of coffee beans added to the familiar scent of the fire. Despite Ross not needing it, Alex made sure that the day was started off with fresh coffee and a fried breakfast as the warmth of the fire was taken in.

The alarm hadn’t gone off yet, but he had that feeling that it was due. Ross still had half a morning’s work to get through at the tattoo studio before heading to Edinburgh. Alex wasn’t due in at the psychiatric unit until dinnertime, so for now it was just good to feel Alex against him for as long as possible before work took them both away.

Alex was awake too. He’d been awake for a while now, but both seemed unwilling to disturb the quiet of the morning and the distance it would bring.

Giving a soft sigh, Alex eventually eased around, making sure Ross found his back with how his body came down and blanketed his. A sleep-filled kiss touched Ross’s lips a moment later.

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