The Snake and the Lyre


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A ForbiddenFiction Story
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Mature Content

Contains explicit sexual or violent content.

Eurydice longs to marry Orpheus, but his self-centered love for his music blinds him to her sensuality. A cruel Naiad seduces and kills Eurydice, unleashing the full hunger of her desire. When Orpheus braves the Underworld to save his lost Eurydice, can he pull his bride away from its depraved pleasures? (F/F)

Short Story (3,400 Words)
Publication Date: April 15, 2012
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Eurydice dipped a foot into the sun-warm spring. “Sweet ladies of the water,” she called. “Would you like to dance at my wedding? Silver-tongued Orpheus will play and sing for his esteemed guests.”

“Or-phe-us,” the water sighed, its surface rippling. The silt at the bottom bubbled. A pale arm emerged, as strong and slender as a young tree.

“Yes, Orpheus! He will be my husband!” Eurydice dove eagerly into the water and took hold of the hand, helping the Naiad out of the sucking sand.

The nymph clasped the offered hand and crawled up Eurydice, her skin cold and slippery. She darted between Eurydice’s legs, her moss-green hair tickling her thighs. She wrapped her arms around the young woman’s stomach and surged up to break the surface, her pebbled nipples scraping Eurydice’s.

Eurydice gasped, her lungs suddenly tight.

“The wife of Orpheus,” the Naiad purred. “We have heard him sing. Is his tongue worth the silver of its sound?” She winked. A clever hand darted between Eurydice’s legs, parted her folds.

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