How do I get a copy of my finished book?


We currently send ebook proofs to authors before we go to release. If corrections are made, we do our best to send final versions after. If for some reason those final versions are not sent, please email with a message.

Ebooks sent to authors are for you own personal use and for sending to reviewers. (Important: see our policy about complementary copies for reviewers before send them to anyone.)

Print Books:

For novels and anthologies, we often create print on demand versions as well. If we have done so, we will send you a complimentary copy of the book, upon request. Since not everyone wants a copy and because some author have not maintained their correct address with us, we no longer send them automatically.  To order a complimentary copy, follow the link provided below.

For additional copies, your contract allows you to buy the book directly from us at 25% off the cover price (plus shipping). You may contact us directly to arrange these sent to you. (If you have unpaid royalties, you may have the cost deducted from your account with us.)

To order your complimentary copy and/or additional copies, fill out this form (once for each book, and once for each additional order):

Print Copy Order Form

Once the form is filled, Google will notify us and someone in our staff will place the order to have the book(s) sent directly from the printing service to the address you provide. The printer can be slow, so make sure to give them plenty of time to do so. If the order is urgent and you are willing to pay for faster shipping, follow up filling the form with an additional email to us about the expedited shipping:

Audio Books:

We are still in early development on the audio books. Once they are complete, we expect them to follow the same procedure as the ebooks.

Last revised 3/22/2018