Divine Surrender

When Ben Knox discovers a clean-cut, blond, apparently-straight teenager named Kyle Roth in his office, looking for a professional Dominant, instinct draws him in. Since the exceedingly particular Kyle has already passed on fellow Dominants-for-hire, Gabriel and Trace, Ben digs down beneath first impressions to expose Kyle’s true motivations. Reassured by Ben’s straightforward approach, Kyle demonstrates his willingness to obey and, quickly, their contract is signed. But, skillful as Kyle is at masquerading as the person the world expects him to be out of self-preservation, Ben has plenty of experience dealing with bruised souls. Kyle’s bruises, though, go deep and the vulnerable darkness that Kyle tries to hide lures Ben in and takes them both farther than either is prepared to go. (M/M+)

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Editor(s): Rylan Hunter
Cover Designer(s): Siol na Tine
Cover Art Credits: Photo by Studio-54-foto at Dreamstime.
Production Editor(s): Erika L. Firanc
Proofreader(s): Kailin Morgan
Length: Novella (20,000 Words)
Chapter(s): 7
Publication Date: May 13, 2014
Serialization Date: October 25, 2018
Archive(d) on December 13, 2018
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“I’m looking for a Dom,” Goldilocks answered with a no-nonsense tone, not shy or unsure in the slightest. “One who knows his shit and one whom I can trust. Someone who’s not gonna bust my balls just for laughs or for another notch in his belt, but who’ll give me what I need, because it’s what he understands I’m unable to do on my own, without guidance, help, and a safe environment.”

“And no sex,” Ben said, filling in the obvious blank.

“Is that a problem?” Goldilocks didn’t look like he cared if it was a problem. He’d simply move along to the next cottage and see what they had to offer instead.

“No. I can work around it. Are you straight?”


Ben’s interest snagged hard on that.

“Have you ever submitted to another man before?”


“A woman?”

“No. Look, Mr. Knox, I might be new at this, but I know what I’m looking for, and that’s a long-term arrangement with someone who’s capable and trustworthy. I’m not here on a whim for a one-time thing because of some passing experimental phase. That’s why I wanted to meet with you first. I need to know if this is going to work or not, before committing to anything.”

Holy shit did this kid have a set of balls on him. Impressed, Ben got out of the chair. He walked around so that he was face-to-face with Goldilocks.


Blondie got to his feet slowly, a muscle flexing in his chiseled jaw, his pink, full lips pursing in concentration. Ben had an inch or two in height on the kid, which was good. He liked to be able to look down at his slaves. Taking hold of the kid’s jaw, turning his face slightly to the side and caressing lightly down the side of his neck, down the front of his chest, Ben deliberately dragged the side of his bent finger slowly over Goldilocks’ nipple, feeling it stiffen, and kept going lower. His crooked finger slid down to Blondie’s waist. Pivoting his wrist, Ben dropped his hand lower still and, splaying his fingers wide, grabbed hold of the swell of Goldilocks’ groin. A telltale shiver worked its way through the kid and his cheeks grew flushed. Gently, gradually, Ben began to knead his potential slave’s cock through the denim of his jeans, feeling it respond quickly, swelling in his grasp.

Ben made a mental note or three. The kid got hard from being touched by a man. That was good. That was important.

It clearly wasn’t the kid’s first time, but the touching was affecting him strongly nonetheless. Ben couldn’t decide if it indicated he was a virgin or not, but Ben would bet money the kid had never taken cock before. Blondie wouldn’t make eye contact with Ben and kept his gaze lowered. His breathing quickened and he began making these endearing little gasps, while small frown lines formed in his brow.

More mental notes were tallied. Blondie was embarrassed to be fondled, and it played with his head. Maybe he was just looking for an outlet for his gay tendencies, a place to get off without the danger of some jerk trying to date-rape him at the end of the night.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying that, Goldilocks,” Ben said amiably, with a faint, crooked grin. He was getting turned on hard from all of the subtle cues he was getting and how much he sensed this kid wanted to submit to him and let Ben play with him. “Truth be told, I’m fuckin’ enjoying it too. No sex while you’re submitting, correct?”

“Correct,” was the breathless, abrupt answer.

“But touching is okay?”

“Yeah. Yes.”

“Can I slip a finger up your ass? A small toy?”

Goldilocks moaned behind his tightly sealed lips. Ben’s cock throbbed with need. The opened office door called to him. Glancing sideways at it, Ben let go of his new plaything and went to close the door. He returned to his potential client and said softly, “Look at me, Kyle.”

Startlingly blue eyes rose to meet Ben’s gaze.

Playing on a hunch, he asked, “Is sex outside of the Dom/sub arrangement a possibility?”

Kyle licked his lower lip wet, then chewed on it, his gaze skittering back and forth between Ben’s eyes. Ben continued to process all the information flowing his way.


“On what?”

“On if I can trust you.”

“Scares you, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Kyle admitted.

“Your paperwork says no penetration, but, fuck, I’d love to get inside you,” Ben sighed. “But, since I’m not a rapist, no means no. That’s an absolute. I won’t do anything without your consent, even if I want to.”

“I appreciate the honesty.”

“Everyone who knows you thinks you’re straight, don’t they?”

Kyle nodded, said, “Yes.”

“You’ve experimented enough to know you want this, but need to be with someone who you don’t doubt will take care of you, who’ll always play by your rules, and who you can be honest with about what gets you hard.”

Exhaling heavily, eyes closing, Kyle seemed to fight some internal battle with himself, especially when Ben reached out and gave Kyle’s erection a gentle squeeze through his tented pants. “Seems I make you hard.”

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 Chapter 1: Enslaving Goldilocks

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