Lot’s Sin

After losing his wife, living in a cave after the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot finds himself struggling to maintain his sanity. Shattered by his experience, he must find a way to carry on with his life. He understands too well the debt incurred by sin, and now struggles to stop the moral degradation of his fellow survivors. (F/F, F/M)


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Editor(s): Lon Sarver
Cover Designer(s): Siol na Tine
Cover Art Credits: Adapted from photo © Les3photo8 at Dreamstime.com.
Production Editor(s): Erika L. Firanc
Proofreader(s): Todd Michaels
Length: Short Story (6,500 Words)
Chapter(s): 2
Publication Date: October 14, 2014
Serialization Date: February 18, 2018
Archive(d) on March 5, 2018
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Pulling his robe into place, he stormed into the cave, the ceiling just high enough for him to stand. He grabbed a switch from where it lay propped against the wall. He found himself using it more and more on his daughters, and, occasionally, on himself.

“Sinners!” he barked, charging the girls. He held the switch high, scraping the ceiling, a thunderbolt ready to fall.

Pheine and Thamma disentangled from each other and cowered against the wall of the cave, each women awkwardly trying to find a space between the stones. Pheine covered her full breasts with her hands, but Thamma squatted and held onto the wall behind her, too full of fear to cover her long-nippled teats.

“What I will now give you is only mercy! Did you learn nothing from Sodom? Lie on your bellies like the serpents you are!”

The girls scrambled to lay on their stomachs, both of them tucking their arms underneath their bodies and staring down at the bed.

“Not on the bed! You’ve soiled that enough with your sin! On the floor!” he shouted.

The girls slithered off the soft sheepskins and onto the cold stone of the floor. Lot watched as goose bumps broke out on their thighs and bottoms. He was grateful that his daughters could not see him, for he was already aroused again.

“Keep your brows pressed to the floor, or it will be worse!” he yelled. What is happening to me? Why, now, after all that happened in Sodom, should this monstrous urge rack him?

Without warning, Lot brought the switch down, the rod whistling through the air, then landing with a crackling sound across Thamma’s ass. The girl yelped and shook, the branch leaving a neat red stripe across her buttocks, the cheeks clenching with the stroke. He would scourge this sin away from his daughters, and then he would punish himself with the lash. He brought the switch down on the tuck of her buttocks and she recoiled, as if to push herself through the floor. Again Lot lashed her. The sin had to be purged. He gritted his teeth and raised his arm high.

With the fourth stroke, Thamma broke and lurched to her feet. She turned to look at her father, crouching like a whipped dog. Her large, dark eyes fell on the bulge of his groin. Her lips quivered, as though about to ask the question,Why? Tears of humiliation stung Lot’s eyes, though his penis remained erect under his robe.

“Pheine! Hold her down!” Lot yelled.

Pheine grabbed her sister by the arms and tried to pull her down. Thamma squealed and pulled toward the far end of the cave. Pheine was larger, but Lot knew Thamma had a wiry strength. He wanted Pheine to subdue not only Thamma’s body, but also the unspoken accusation on the younger sister’s face.

“Now, Pheine! Or you will take both yours and your sister’s share!” Lot said, grabbing Pheine’s hand and thrusting the switch into it.

Pheine glanced at him, a flicker of confusion in her eyes as they too passed over Lot’s unabated swelling. But she did not hesitate, grabbing a fistful of Thamma’s hair and pushing her younger sister face down on the floor. Pheine straddled Thamma to restrain her, and the position reminded Lot once again of the scene he witnessed.

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