The House of Silence by

Novels and short stories set in the world of J.A. Jaken’s The House of Silence series.

Enter the House of Silence, a mansion filled with passion and secrets. Master Charon owns the House, and employs a number of beautiful, versatile young men to entertain the Great and the Good and the very, very rich. It’s said that there is no pleasure that cannot be bought at the House, no fantasy that Charon’s boys cannot fulfil.

Given the exalted rank of those who visit the House, Charon goes to great lengths to insure discretion and neutrality. The House does not get involved in the politics of the realm. Unless someone forces the issue. Then someone learns that there is no limit to which Charon will do to protect his boys and his House–even if it shakes the throne of the Queen herself.

The Manse by

Erotic stories in the world of author, Lynn Kelling. These are a part of The Society of Masters shared world.

The Manse series focuses on the lives of men who play at Manse, a private club in rural Pennsylvania, catering to gay men. Billionaire David Davenport runs the club as he sees fit, and he’s used to getting his way. So when he decides he wants to fill the place with gorgeous men in masks for a night, that’s exactly what happens.

Twin Ties by

Erotic stories set in the world of Lynn Kelling‘s Twin Ties series.

Four men—two pairs of twins—search their lives for love, comfort, and belonging. Evan and Brennan were separated early, and struggle to find a way to be brothers. Alek and Luka, who grew up together without much parental support, provide experience and advice when the two sets of brothers begin dating each other. As the brothers find places for one another in each others’ lives, they find themselves confronting—and crossing—all manner of boundaries and limits. With no one but each other to rely on, they must deal with threats from rest of the world, from curious strangers and hostile ex-lovers to judgmental families.