Backdoor Politics Blog Tour & Giveaway

Come find out more about the compelling dark erotic m/m thriller, Backdoor Politics by C.L. Mustafic, to be released on November 7th, 2017.  Join us during November 5-10 as we share rousing sneak peeks into this into this dark thriller. Enter giveaways and read behind the scenes! Follow the links to a new interview with author C.L. Mustafic, behind the scenes pieces and drawings for both print and ebook versions of the book!

In the corrupt world of underworld Bosnian politics, mercenary and hitman Kamal is no stranger to bloodshed and brutality. After Kamal stumbles across a job involving his former lover, he makes an irrational decision and finds himself isolated with the son of his former lover. As time passes, Kamal struggles as should have been a professional job starts turning into a dangerous, personal obsession. (Strongly recommend reading content labels before reading.)

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2 thoughts on “Backdoor Politics Blog Tour & Giveaway”

  1. A dark book, but grounded with realistic characters and environments. Not for everyone, but worth a read if you are into the darker things.

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