Matthew Nadelhaft

Matthew Nadelhaft is originally from New York but has lived in Edinburgh since the re-election of George W. Bush. He graduated from the Napier University Creative Writing MA Program and was the editor for Edinburgh spoken-word/storytelling group Illicit Ink. His short fiction has been published in An Electric Tragedy, Blood and Lullabies, The Reader’s Digest 100-Word Story Competition, Desire Magazine, and Zombies Ain’t Funny. He studied anthropology, worked as a freelance journalist, co-edited the book America Under Construction: Boundaries and Identities in Popular Culture and published many articles and papers. He was a reviewer for Tangent and TangentOnline and has designed several boardgames, including the internet-hit “Oh No, There Goes Tokyo!” and an award-winning adaptation of Stephen King's "The Shining." He is now bald after twenty years without a haircut.

Geppetto Falls Off the Wagon

The great woodcutter Geppetto, envious of his creation Pinocchio’s wild sex life, builds himself a female companion while on an alcohol-fueled bender. She comes to life hot and willing and Geppetto gets the ultimate sexual experience. (M/F)

In Irons

Death and pain are constant companions in a life lived by the sword, whether on land or on sea. Love, on the other hand, is rare. So when Laulri, a hardened mercenary, meets the legendary pirate Sheliegh in a waterfront dive and offers her a drink, the last thing he expected from her was a tale demonstrating just how rare—and how dangerous—love can be. (M/F)

Wicked Fairy Tales – Anthology

An anthology of bedtime stories for adults!

Just what kind of happy goes into “happily ever after?” As children, it was enough that Pinocchio got to be a real boy and that Red wasn’t eaten by the wolf. As adults, we have a slightly different perspective. Being a real boy means having boy parts, and being eaten by someone big and bad doesn’t mean quite the same thing it once did.

Ever wonder what mermaids do with the swimmers they seduce? Or why a dragon might prefer a castle-guarded princess to a nice, easy field of sheep? What if your fairy godmother wasn’t circumspect in what wishes could be granted, or if that dainty little fairy had a much bigger appetite than one might guess?