M.L. Caufax

M.L. Caufax writes and breathes and does other necessary things in lovely Northern California. Under other names, M. L. has published poetry, reportage, and somewhat less scandalous fiction. In addition to writing smut and remaining anonymous for professional reasons, M. L.’s enthusiasms include singing, playing guitar and ukulele, experimenting in the kitchen, typography, etymology, cephalopods, social justice, live theater, old paperbacks, and puzzle-boxes.

Deep Focus

Zöe is nervous and excited to begin her first year at the exclusive university tucked away in a tiny forest town. Her new boss, Dean, is a handsome older man with captivating blue eyes, and an understanding smile. Everyone comes to him for counsel, even the townsfolk down the hill, because Dean always knows exactly what they should do.

At Dean’s suggestion, it seems only natural that Zöe should submit to her classmate Trevor’s commanding advances when he comes to Dean for grief counseling after a bad breakup. Why shouldn’t they put on erotic plays for Counselor Dean whenever he pleases? It no big deal – they’ll only forget again when they leave, to focus on more important things like school work.

Only when Zöe is gifted with an ancient talisman that protects her from Dean’s hypnotic gaze does she finally discover the horrible truth… (M/F, M/F/M)