L.D. Durham

L.D. Durham has been writing for others for nearly ten years. Her beginnings in fanfiction taught her many ways to titillate and entertain readers, along with smoothing out the mechanics of writing a good story. Having taken her training wheels off, she has published two books and wrote original, serial fiction for four years at JoyBoyIsland.com. She enjoys exploring the darker sides, as well as the mundane sides, of relationships. Even dysfunctional couples need to do the laundry, after all.

L.D. Durham's Website

Devilish Trick

A curious, low-ranking angel and a busy, high-up demon meet in a dark alley and make a deal. The outcome was planned from the start and maybe exactly what they both wanted all along. (M/M)

Taking Flight – Anthology

An Erotic Anthology with Wings

Desire can move the poorest man to take wing.
Curiosity can entice the smallest fairy to greatness.
Passion can drive the purest angel to fall.
And then there’s the devils…

Flight has captured the human imagination for centuries, inspiring poets and lovers alike to greater heights. Is the exhilaration of soaring better even than sex? Is the ecstasy of a lover’s touch worth more than all the feathers in heaven? Is one moment of passion on the wind worth the risk of a lifetime?

Here are seven erotic flights of fantasy, from gritty dystopian futures and surreal urban discoveries to mythic romances and fleeting moments of enchantment.