Fyn Alexander

Fyn Alexander grew up in Liverpool, England and moved to Canada as an adult. She lives in a small town in Ontario where she writes and fosters children. Fyn is the proud mother of two daughters. Fyn is the author of eleven books including the Angel and the Assassin series.

Man-Dogs of Arriden

Master Cain is an intergalactic bounty hunter who is regularly employed by the king of Arriden to find his regularly runaway son. To assist him, Cain buys a man-dog called Star. But Star turns out to be a eunuch from Earth with fantasies of being a man-dog. Together they set out into the desert to find the prince, capture him, and return him to the capital, Tamzen City. However, the desert holds surprises and threats neither man nor man-dog could have imagined. (M/M)